As wizards go, Prof Croft is one of the busiest and he has a trunk full of stories to prove it. From his earliest cases with his snarky cat to his escapades out West, they're all here, just waiting to be read. And be sure to check out the Blue Wolf's novella-length missions in Legion Files!


When getting along was half the battle…

Readers asked for more of their favorite succubus feline, and they got her. Much to Croft's chagrin. Set before the main books in the Prof Croft series, Croft & Tabby chronicles their early years together in this series of mini adventures. 

Fair warning: foul-mouthed cat inside


Go West, Prof Croft!

Set after Prof Croft 4, this trilogy also stands alone—unlike its featured wizards. Everson Croft teams up with fellow spell-slinger James Wesson on some very odd cases. If you like buddy wizards and occult mysteries in one of the Wilder Wests around, you’re sure to enjoy Croft & Wesson…

Assuming they don't blow up Grimstone first.


Your monster-hunting pros

In its year of operation, the Legion Program waged more than a dozen campaigns against supernatural threats. The Blue Wolf series chronicles the major missions. Now it’s time to hear the rest…

If you like your supernatural squads with banter, big guns, cool magic, and a lupine legend, you're in the right place!

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