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Brad Magnarella writes urban fantasy for the same reason you read it…

To explore worlds where vampires and shifters walk city streets, magic crackles from fingertips, and the faerie realm is only a wish, curse, or seductive kiss away. It's shamelessly fun.

A child of the '80s, Brad enjoyed a steady diet of comic books, D&D, epic fantasy, and Stephen King, which conditioned his young mind for the emerging genre. Boo Berry cereal may have contributed.

His two main series, Prof Croft and Blue Wolf, make up the growing Croftverse, with over 200,000 books sold to date and an Independent Audiobook Award nomination. A third series is planned for 2022.

Hopelessly nomadic, Brad can be found in a rented room overseas or hiking America's backcountry. His favorite hangout, though, is his online group, Prof Croft's Strange Brigade.

He hopes to see you there!
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