While humankind hunted and gathered, monsters did too, stalking the unwary in the darkness beyond the fire. As societies settled, the monsters crept closer, some shaping human affairs to their own appetites. Now, in the wake of a global crisis and the layers between realities tattered, they're everywhere, greedy for flesh and mortal souls. Sounds like a world that could use some defenders…


A New York-based professor and wizard, Everson Croft weaves mythic knowledge with magic to battle creatures from the nastier nether places.


Spec-ops soldier turned lupine legend, Jason Wolfe commands brawn, brains, and big weapons, all in service of the innocent, wherever they're threatened.


A brand new hero in the Croftverse. Let's just say that the monsters would be very ill-advised to underestimate her – but most will anyway.


How did the Croftverse come about?

A few years back, I was torn between writing a superhero series that I could build into a multi-series universe or a standalone urban fantasy series. In the end, I decided to merge them - that is, develop the first of several urban fantasy characters who would share the same world. Two series are up so far, with a third planned for 2022. My long-term goal was, and remains, a team series featuring the main characters.

Do the series have to be read in a certain order?

No. Though the characters occasionally cameo in each other's books, the plot lines don't overlap. That would be way too confusing, especially for me. I recommend you pick a series, read to the latest installment, then start the other one. But if you'd rather mix them up, you can do that too.

Cool, but if it's all happening in the same world, isn't there a chronology?

The first book in the Croftverse is the Prof Croft prequel novella, Book of Souls. Events in the Blue Wolf books occur roughly between Prof Crofts 4 and 5, though the final books in each series will converge on "the present." That'll make a lot more sense when we get there, I promise!

When does the next book come out?

I post my anticipated release schedule on the home page, which I update as soon as I know what's what.

Are the books available in audio?

Yes! Every book in the Croftverse is also an audiobook, performed by award-winning narrator James Patrick Cronin. I'm a huge fan of his work. You can find the audio links on the series pages. Also check out the YouTube tab for our latest freebies.

Where should I start?

If you're coming in fresh, I recommend starting with the two Prof Croft prequel novellas that I gift to my newsletter subscribers. All it costs is an email address, and you can unsubscribe at any time. And looky, there just happens to be a sign-up form at the bottom of the page!

New to the Croftverse?

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